Virginia Cultivars Petition

Virginia Cultivars Petition

From all of us at Virginia Cultivars…

We want to thank you for your continued support and willingness to help us stand up to Virginia legislators and Governor Youngkin in support of vetoing SB591. We can’t thank you enough.

At Virginia Cultivars, education is ALWAYS a top priority for us. We take great pride in educating you on our products, proper dosing, side effects, how to grow your own, and any cannabis law updates. This won’t ever change.


Here’s a quick update on SB591 from our friend Jason Amatucci at Virginia Hemp Coalition:

The Virginia Hemp Coalition met with Senator Hanger before this bill (SB 591) was voted on and vigorously educated him to the misguided parts of this bill and directly asked him to amend the damaging language to the hemp industry and his response was that he didn’t know much about the technical aspects of the subject and he thought his experts (Virginia NORML and Delegate Dawn Adams) are correct with their recommended mg limits of THC per hemp product (which criminalized 80 percent of the current Virginia hemp industry) and the bill was not going to change.

It is also of note Senator Hanger has received 250k from the pharmaceutical industry. Delegate Dawn Adams also has a major conflict of interest but she gets up and proclaims to the entire Virginia House or Delegates that she does not. These are not the kind of folks who should be determining hemp policy for our Commonwealth.

The Lesson in all this that all Virginia politicians need to adhere to is: don’t pass bills that you don’t understand what the actual consequences are on Virginia citizens and don’t tread on the Virginia hemp industry. We have been though a lot and we won’t back down from anyone trying to take our inherent cannabis rights away.

That does not mean we can’t all work together to keep children from accessing intoxicating cannabis products (child proof containers, sold behind retail counter to 21 and over), take mislabeled and trademark infringed hemp products off the store shelves (have VDACS agents enforce), and make sure Virginia hemp products are what they say they are (use regulations we already have) – but in doing so we in the Virginia hemp industry must have the respect to be the leaders in the stakeholder discussion of this topic and not allow big marijuana, big pharma, all the cannabis monopolists and their minions to control the conversation and policy.


Paid politicians and “experts” with clear bought and paid for conflicts of interest? This is what we are fighting against. Senator Hanger has taken $250,000 from big pharma, turned a blind eye during the opioid epidemic and then sponsored a bill that will kill the hemp industry in Virginia. Delegate Dawn Adams profits off of the Board of Pharmacy monopoly program by writing MJ cards for money and push bills like HB897 (failed but same language as SB591) to kill a small business industry for a monopoly program run by Out-of-State corporations. Now that your local little guys are in jeopardy, RVA Telecare ( ) will gladly point you in the right direction to the big boys like Green Leaf in Richmond, Columbia Care in Portsmouth, Hello/Beyond in Manassas, Dharma Pharmaceuticals in Bristol.

Help us continue the fight! Please take a moment to sign our petition. This affects you. This affects us. This affects our families. This affects our livelihood. Sign the petition for Governor Youngkin to VETO SB591!

Send us a screenshot of your signature on our petition, and we will email you a coupon code to use online or in store.

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