THC-O Moon Rocks

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Now you can hit it big with our THC-O Moon Rocks, which are loaded with a healthy serving of three popular cannabinoids: THC-O, CBD, and CBG! Try them TODAY!


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We decided to use our highly popular and completely effective Hawaiian Express Hemp Flower as the CBD hemp flower strain to establish the foundation. These beautiful Sativa-dominant buds are then treated with our THC-O distillate, after which they are rolled in an herbal mountain of our CBG White kief until they are liberally blanketed.

You can just imagine what the end result is after enjoying a session with these incredibly potent and absolutely delicious cannabinoids combined into truly fluffy and highly fragrant buds. But better than merely imagining what these cannabinoid-stuffed babies can do is actually getting your hands on your own THC-O Trifecta Moon Rocks and experiencing them first-hand!

THC-O IS SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT THAN OTHER CANNABINOIDS! If you already consume cannabinoids containing psychotropic properties (like Delta 8 THC and/or Delta 9 THC), you will find its intermediate level of effects quite familiar. But if you increase your consumption of THC-O, you will not experience intensified psychotropic effects but will rather shift into a psychedelic state of mind and being.

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When we don’t feel great, we perform at lower levels, often making more mistakes because of the bodily distractions and discomforts we are trying to ignore. These THC-O Moon Rocks contain Hawaiian Express CBD hemp flower which begins by easing discomforts, following it all up with a flow of energy to help you stay focused and accomplish work with minimal distractions or frustrations. Now add to that the calming and soothing properties of our CBG White kief and you will really feel completely in charge and confident.

Best of all is the absolutely positive feeling vibrating deep inside you. Those minor annoyances that normally get your goat are now laughable bits of nothing. Conquering your emotions puts you in control of your destiny; you also find the ability to dig deep and deliver astonishing results. And it all is achieved with minimal fanfare as if you are instead casually beachcombing on a tropical island.

Finally, depending upon the amount of THC-O you consume, prepare to enjoy the onset of psychotropic or psychedelic affects about 20 or 30 minutes after the end of your session. By this time, the CBD and other cannabinoids you consumed are fully deployed and hard at work, which better prepares your mind and spirit to fully appreciate and benefit from the heightened effects brought on by the THC-O.
As with any new physical or mental experience, a psychedelic effect may be startling and unsettling for first-time users. We recommend that you ensure you are in a healthy state of mind and body if you want to experience psychedelic effects. This advice holds true for both new and experienced consumers of THC-O. While a psychedelic state can deliver incredible and life-changing insights, it may also reveal past traumas that appear as realistic as when they originally occurred. Let common sense and the collective experience of thousands of individuals who have experienced and enjoyed psychedelic states guide you with this simple advice: for optimal effects, only seek out psychedelic experiences when you are in physically and emotionally strong states.

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  1. Cynthia Silvia (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! I was a little surprised the product came in a beautiful glass container. Well packaged! Looks exactly like the picture and smokes smooth. A relaxing experience would definitely recommend

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