Cherry x Cherry Indoor CBD Flower


  • Hybrid of Purple Afghani and OG Kush
  • Robust terpene profile lead with a pronounced cherry aroma and earthy musk
  • Orange, yellow, green and purple
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Cherry x Cherry is a common dispute among CBD enthusiasts. Although its exact lineage is not known, it is widely accepted that the Cherry Cherry strain is a hybrid of Purple Afghani and OG Kush. Top shelf CBD flower connoisseurs from across the state keep their top-shelf stocked with this flower due to its roust terpene profile lead with a pronounced cherry aroma and earthy musk. The orange, yellow, green, and purple hues give the flowers a reddish glow, complimenting this fire strain. When smoked, the flower has fruity notes with earthy undertones. This top-shelf flower is a must have for those who smoke as much for taste as for feel. Grown in our proprietary living soils, this flower truly tastes as well as it medicates. Our craft, indoor Cherry Cherry CBD flower is known for producing extreme relaxation and mild sedation. Great for a party, relaxing with friends and even alone, enjoying your own time or with some close-knit group of friends looking for a relaxing afternoon, this boutique CBD fower is a must have for all special occasions and daily outings.

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