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Berry Blossom Indoor Grown CBD Flower

  • Buds are dense, light green and littered with purple hues
  • Cross between Cherry Kandahar & Chardonnay
  • Can help with chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, stress, epilepsy, chemotherapy side effects and more

Cherry x Cherry Indoor CBD Flower

  • Hybrid of Purple Afghani and OG Kush
  • Robust terpene profile lead with a pronounced cherry aroma and earthy musk
  • Orange, yellow, green and purple

Midwest Indoor CBD Flower

  • Earthy Indica dominant hybrid
  • Intense terpenes, earthy pine scent, and heavy smoke
  • Enjoy with friends or alone in the comfort of your own home!

Premium Indoor Lifter CBD Flower

  • Cross between Suver Haze and ERB
  • Sweet, blueberry funk flavor with a hint of lemon
  • CBD potent strain
  • Gentle cerebral focus, energy
  • Assisting conditions like arthritis, concentration, inflammation, sore joints, muscle pains, spasms or cramps
  • Perfect for lightening the mood

Premium Indoor Suver Haze

  • High in CBD – 18% CBD consistently
  • Powerful aroma
  • Highlighted with floral notes and capped with a touch of citrus
  • Perfect for a chilled and laid-back time