Infused Tropical Tart

So… May 8th was National Coconut Cream Pie Day (and probably most of you celebrated your moms) and in honor of both, the team at Virginia Cultivars created this amazing […]

Boozy Cookies & Cream Parfait

It’s May Day! For many celebrations, you’d have to go out and dance around the Maypole, but here at Virginia Cultivars we’ll be doing something a little more laid back […]

Virginia Cultivars Petition

Virginia Cultivars Petition From all of us at Virginia Cultivars… We want to thank you for your continued support and willingness to help us stand up to Virginia legislators and […]

URGENT! Kill the Bill

Kill The Bill - SB591

URGENT! Kill the Bill SB591 has been passed again for this 8th day of March, 2022. Our concern is that they are pushing it off until the heat we are […]

Our Voices Are Being Heard!

Our Voices Are Being Heard! This morning the House passed by SB-591 for the day. We are hopeful that this means that they are taking time to educate themselves on […]

Our fate is in your hands!

Our fate is in YOUR hands! Virginia SB-591 was passed by again for today, which means that they are hearing us! They are set to vote tomorrow (March 4). So […]

Vote NO To SB-591

Vote NO To SB-591 Dear Virginia Cultivars Family, We are writing to you today to call on you for your help! Virginia Cultivars, and its staff’s livelihoods are being threatened by […]