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Hello fellow cannabis enthusiasts!! Welcome to Anointed Cannabis Co. where we bring you all things related to the wonderful world of cannabis. Today, we have an exciting topic to discuss. Let’s learn about starting cannabis seeds and growing them in coco coir. Anointed Cannabis Seeds are carefully selected and bred to ensure high-quality genetics, which will give you robust, healthy plants. First, soak your seedlings in a small container of water for 24 hours to help soften the hull of the seed.  You will need to soak your coco coir brick for a few hours before the seeds hull finishes softening to rehydrate the compressed coco. These blocks are compressed coco coir that will expand when hydrated. After soaking, transplant your seed into the rehydrated coco block making sure it’s at a depth of around ¼ to ½ inch. Remember to handle the seeds with care, as they are delicate. After planting the seeds, we need to ensure they receive adequate moisture. Coco coir is an excellent choice due to its water retention properties and its ability to provide aeration to the roots. They will provide an ideal environment for your seedlings to establish healthy root systems.  Water the coco coir blocks gently, making sure to keep them moist but not waterlogged. Remember, too much water can lead to root rot and hinder growth or cause the plant to die. Now that our seeds are planted and watered, it’s time to provide them with the right amount of light. For optimal growth, Cannabis requires around 18-24 hours of light during the seedling and vegetative stage. As your seedlings grow, it’s crucial to maintain the right environmental conditions. Maintain a consistent temperature of around 70-80°F and humidity levels between 40-70%. This will ensure your plants thrive and reach their full potential. to help maintain and feed your plant we have included in your kit two packages containing Organic dry amendments from anointed cannabis co., the 7-4-3 blend is your vegetative stage nutrients and the 3-8-9 blend is your flower nutrients. in the seedling stage and through the vegetative stage you want to apply 3 tablespoons of the nutrients to the top of your coco coir, gently hand mix the nutrients into the top layer of coco, now water to maintain a moist root zone and repeat every 4 weeks. We’ll delve deeper into taking care of your growing plant in our next video


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