Virginia Cultivars LLC is committed to providing quality plant stock to local farmers and supporting various research plots throughout the state. In an attempt to further educate our farmers as well as ourselves, we are working with Virginia Tech. By participating in research throughout the state, we feel we are solidifying our plant breeding program. Knowledge is wealth and we believe everyone should prosper.

* We Offer an immediate buyback program upon 3rd party lab analysis/Validation exclusive to our partnerships.

* We offer upfront and honest pricing

* We offer ZERO money down options

* We have options! You can purchase material outright or partner with us to grow acreage where we will finance the plants! We want to minimize upfront costs, minimize risk, and maximize your investment.

* We are committed to building relationships with individuals form various backgrounds. It is our duty to offer plant stock in a variety of ways in order to accommodate farmers of all sizes and situations in a manner that suits you and your site best.

* We work with institutions, growers, and processors in order to gain knowledge, support, and insight on all aspects of the business, whether it be past, present, or future, we know!

* We offer a variety of industry specific services at little to no cost!

* When you agree to work with us, you commit to a single season. All agreements are renegotiated annually for fairness and to ensure a fair return on your investment.

* We work individually with the farmer to devise a plan that utilizes their current equipment, infrastructure, land/soil type and fertility, labor resources, and knowledge base making the endeavor cost effective, manageable, and specific to the individual.

* We partake in ongoing training, research, and trials while networking through with our clients, partners, and fellow researchers throughout the state. Our model provides complete transparency for a reason. We like to share our successes with our customer base!

* We are a brokering service committed to you and your material. If your material meets state and federal requirements with regards to total THC(>3%), has a CBD of at least 10%, a moisture content below 12%, and free of toxins and heavy metals, will make an offer. If accepted, we offer no hassle payout!  

Disclaimer Page:

We are excited to work with you, but in order to ensure success; you must be educated, committed, and willing to invest. Please take the time to read through the bullet points below to see how you can become involved.

**** All CBD hemp varieties have the potential to test hot when stressed or harvested in an untimely manner. It is in yours and our best interest to monitor the THC and CBD contents weekly once the flowering stage has begun. In the event that we would harvest early, yields would be reduced, as would CBD content. In doing so, revenue will be less and therefore payoff will be reduced.

We plan on some loss due to pest, disease, natural causes, and weather during planting, cultivation, harvesting, and drying. We anticipate 10% CBD as an average and yields of 1,000 pounds per acre after 25-30% total loss throughout the growing season. We encourage our famers to test weekly when the crop is flowering. As soon as Total THC reaches approximately .25%, we suggest harvesting the crop. If the crop is harvested early, you could easily have less than a pound per plant. We are equally invested and committed throughout the process to maximize yield and profits. As a team, we will consult you in a manner that allows for the greatest gains. It could just as easily yield 2lbs per plant at 14% CBD as it could be 8% CBD and 3/4lb per plant. Our model is based of honesty, integrity, and transparency. You get a fair market price regardless!

It is in our best interest for our crop to flourish! The higher the yield and CBD or our crop, the higher the returns are for both parties. Our inventory will only improve due to our ongoing research and trials. Through planting trials, selective breeding, and agreements with researchers in the state, we will construct a database of information on all CBD varieties we offer to constantly improve your odds. The complete report will be available only to our network of customers. We believe our transparency will reduce the frequency and cost associated within our network.

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