PCash purchases available in addition to our partnership opportunity! Please initial which plan makes the most since to you, your farm, and your family.

*** Agreements are made between Virginia Cultivars LLC ‘s Agreement Division and the landowner/manager of the property to plant approximately 50 Acres. All agreements are made solely for the cultivation of the material, including, certainly not limited to; land preparation, planting, cultivating, harvesting, drying, shucking, sacking, and transporting the material. Checkout our pay scale below for the 2019 planting season. Next, select an option that best suits you and your needs. Initial the plan below to secure your plants and start growing green! Sign up today to become a part of the thrifty fifty.

**** Product contaminated with heavy metals, mold, herbicides, or pesticides risks the chance of being unmarketable or having its value be diminished.

__________ 50/50  

We furnish plants at no cost to you with this agreement offer. In return, you assume responsibility and cost of the site-preparation, plant stock transport, planting, IPM, fertilization, cultivation, harvesting, and hanging, and drying of the material. Once cured, 100% of the material is to be shucked and delivered to 234 Virginia St. in super sacks provided by Virginia Cultivars LLC. Virginia Cultivars LLC takes possession of their (%) of the material upon retrieval.  A 10-pound sample will be delivered to Sugar Leaf Labs for analysis. Once the product has been analyzed, the results will be shared with both parties and an offer will be made for your share of the material. If the material is marketable, you will be paid according to scale. If the material is not marketable, you will remain owner and become responsible for removing your share of the material.

Price Per Plant Based on Scale, Variety, & Availability

____________ $$$$$

*** We offer economy of scale pricing for seeds, seedlings, and clones to the public if we have extra inventory once we have met our demand. The more you purchase, the lower the cost per unit. Prices vary based on variety. Call 540 – 835 – 9869 for additional details.

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