We are committed to your success. We are constantly working to maximize your profits while minimizing you risks. Backed by years of experience, Virginia Cultivars LLC only uses verified techniques and trusted plant stock. Our model is driven by results. We work to minimize the expense up front by providing quality plant stock at no cost to you. We offer several contract agreements prior to planting with a documented pay scale and offer a timely payout once the process is complete. We set ourselves apart from the competition in more ways than one. In addition to free consultation, workshops, and site visits, we offer an immediate payment once results from third party lab are received and the material is verified!


We pride ourselves on being different from those offered by competitors in that your commitment with us is seasonal. We are so convinced our plant material is second to none, our agreements are annual and our terms are renegotiated prior to each planting season. We feel it is best for both parties to reevaluate the market and therefore our agreements at the end of each season in order to fairly compensate. We use current market data and sales history to base our pay scale for the following season in order to offer the best return on your product. Our sustainability is solely dependent upon our farmer’s success.


* We own the risks by offering upfront financing opportunities with no money down as well as an immediate buy back program upon 3rdparty lab analysis.

* We offer upfront pricing and payment plans based on factual data.

* We offer ZERO money down investment opportunities.

*We offer options! Whether purchasing material outright, agreeing with us to grow acreage with us financing the plants and possibly the costs, we believe in power with numbers. We encourage our farmers to plant a minimum of 5 acres due to economies of scale. It is more profitable to farm 5-acre plots than 1 and 2 acre plots. We want to minimize costs and maximize your investment.

* We are committed to building relationships with individuals from various backgrounds. It is our duty to offer plant stock in a variety of ways in order to accommodate farmers of all sizes and situations in a manner that suits you and your site best.

* We work with institutions, growers, and processors in order to gain knowledge, support, and insight on all aspects of the business, whether it be past, present, or future occurrences.

*When you agree to work with us, you commit to a single season. All agreements are renegotiated annually for fairness and to ensure a fair market price.

* We work individually with the farmer to devise a plan that utilizes their current equipment, infrastructure, land type and fertility, labor resources, and knowledge base making the endeavor cost effective and manageable for the individual.

*We partake in ongoing training, research, and trials while networking through with our clients, partners, and fellow researchers throughout the state. Our model provides complete transparency for a reason. We like to share our successes with our customer base!

*We are a brokering service, which allows for a speedy payout! We will provide a model based off % CBD prior to planting.  Your material will be purchased once our 3rdparty lab analyzes the material and provides report based off the published pay scale.

*We are committed to you and your material. If your material meets state and federal requirements with regards to total THC, has a CBD of at least 6%, a moisture content is below 12%, and free of toxins and heavy metals, we off no hassle payout upon processor lab report.


Plant Spacing HarvestingLegalities
Planting StyleTransportingTesting
Planting Dates StoringMarketing
Fertilizer RegimensTesting Branding
IrrigationWeed SuppressionInsect/Pest Mgt


Cash purchases available in addition to our partnership opportunity! Please initial which plan makes the most since to you, your farm, and your family.

*** Agreements are made between Virginia Cultivars LLC ‘s Agreement Division and the landowner/manager of the property to plant approximately 50 Acres. All agreements are made solely for the cultivation of the material, including, certainly not limited to; land preparation, planting, cultivating, harvesting, drying, shucking, sacking, and transporting the material. Checkout our pay scale below for the 2019 planting season. Next, select an option that best suits you and your needs. Initial the plan below to secure your plants and start growing green! Sign up today to become a part of the thrifty fifty.

**** Product contaminated with heavy metals, mold, herbicides, or pesticides risks the chance of being unmarketable or having its value be diminished.

__________ 50/50  

We furnish plants at no cost to you with this agreement offer. In return, you assume responsibility and cost of the site-preparation, plant stock transport, planting, IPM, fertilization, cultivation, harvesting, and hanging, and drying of the material. Once cured, 100% of the material is to be shucked and delivered to 234 Virginia St. in super sacks provided by Virginia Cultivars LLC. Virginia Cultivars LLC takes possession of their (%) of the material upon retrieval.  A 10-pound sample will be delivered to Sugar Leaf Labs for analysis. Once the product has been analyzed, the results will be shared with both parties and an offer will be made for your share of the material. If the material is marketable, you will be paid according to scale. If the material is not marketable, you will remain owner and become responsible for removing your share of the material.

Price Per Plant Based on Scale, Variety, & Availability

*** We offer economy of scale pricing for seeds, seedlings, and clones to the public if we have extra inventory once we have met our demand. The more you purchase, the lower the cost per unit. Prices vary based on variety.

Call (540) 835 – 9869 for additional details.

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