Virginia Cultivars LLC is a plant propagation company focused on continual growth and driven by results. We work with researchers, farmers, educators, processors, and retailers in an effort to build relationships that support the process from seed to market. Our goal is to educate by providing on site visits, consultation services, newsletters, THC testing, diagnostics by text/email, and sponsored workshops and seminars for little or no charge. Our ground up approach and our transparency unmatched in the industry. Our level of honesty is second to none. The quality of stock we provide is unmatched in the region. Our commitment is never waivered. Our purpose is admirable. We aspire to make farming profitable again on any scale.

We consider ourselves plant gurus. We are comprised of a group of individuals with experience in research, high tech green house operations, controlled climate and field grows. We use proven techniques to produce the highest quality plant stock for our farmers in the region. Our selective breeding programs, propagation methods, and cultivation techniques are validated in the industry. We conduct trials and log data on all our material and encourage our clients to do the same in order to constantly improve our product line for our region. In attempt to further validate our material, we are supporting research plots for a local university in the region. If you buy from us, you are supporting local efforts on all fronts.

We operate a 48,000 square feet warehouse converted into a west coast style grow chamber. Our goal is to produce up to 100,000+ clones/seedlings for our clients annually. All of our material is approved by Pure Hemp Technologies, a pioneer in the hemp industry and is accompanied by a COA. Our inventory constantly evolves in an effort to better suit our region and our growers. Our internal breeding programs, ongoing field trials, funded research plots, and national network of growers and consultants ensures us the availability of the best material at the best price for our customers nationwide.

Why choose Virginia Cultivars LLC? We are committed to your success. We are constantly working to maximize your profits while minimizing your risks. Backed by years of experience, Virginia Cultivars LLC only uses verified techniques and trusted plant stock. Our model is driven by results. We work to minimize the expense up front by providing quality plant stock at a reasonable cost. We offer contract agreements prior to planting with a documented payback plan and offer a timely payout once the process is complete. We set ourselves apart from the competition in more ways than one. In addition to free consultation, workshops, and site visits, we offer an immediate payment once results from third party lab are received and the material is verified marketable to our partners!

Our agreements are different from those offered by competitors in that your commitment with us is seasonal. We are so convinced our plant material is second to none, our agreements are annual and our terms are renegotiated prior to each planting season. We feel it is best for both parties to reevaluate the market and therefore agreements at the end of each season in order to fairly compensate. We use current market data and sales history to forecast returns for the following season in order to offer the best return on your product. Our sustainability is solely dependent upon the farmers success. We are committed!

Members of our team have experience in all aspects or the hemp industry from farming, to breeding, to processing, to marketing allowing us to advise our clients in a manner that suits their individual needs from the bottom up!  

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