Cherry 2

Cherry 2 is a phenotype of Colorado Cherry that was selected by the National Hemp Exchange of the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. This strain is a classic & a pillar of the Hemp Industry. It’s a fast-growing phenomenon that displays medium sized plants with good sized buds that yield high amounts of CBD. The flowers have a sweet grassy cherry flavor that highly coveted in tincture production. Cherry 2 has good resistance to molds & mildew. It likes well drained soil & should not be overwatered once the buds have set. This phenotype is more of a lateral grower than being very tall which comes in handy it you’re in an area prone to high winds. Adding silica amendment will help the crop stand up to even the toughest wind storm.

CBD Content: 11-15%

Plant Spacing: 4-6 Feet

Average THC: Less than 0.3%

Yield: Medium

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