Average CBD-A:10% – 14%
Average THC:0.29%
Ratio CBD/THC:33:1
Maturity Week Indoor: 7-8
Average Dry Yield Outdoor: 2.5 lbs
Plant Spacing: 4ft between plants by 6ft between rows, or 4ft-5ft between plants

The Sweet phenotype selected by GGS is unique in a few ways. It is a cross between a Cherry (Indica) and Otto II (Sativa), resulting in a blending of characteristics from both genetics. The expression of this phenotype is unique in that it is a vigorous growing plant with short internodes, resulting in a fast growing stocky plant. Another unique component is the terpene profile, the flower at maturity is sweetly aromatic. This phenotype has also shown increased resistance to powdery mildew and frost hardiness. Sweet is our most popular variety with farmers, it can be grown in multiple growing conditions, from high alpine environments to hot deserts and everything in between.


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